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Objectives, Mission, Vision and Core Values of UIPE

  1. To hold meetings of the Institution for reading and discussing communications bearing upon engineering or the application thereof, or upon subjects relating thereto.
  2. To co-operate with Universities, other educational institutions and public educational authorities for the furtherance of education and training in engineering science and practice.
  3. To initiate research programmes and to co-operate with Government, private research Institutions and private individuals in promoting research into engineering science and technology.
  4. To print, publish, sell, lend or distribute the proceedings or reports of the Institution or any papers, communications, works or treaties on engineering or its application or subjects connected therewith.
  5. To do all other things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
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    Who we are

    The Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE) was established as an association of Professional Engineers of Uganda in 1972, as a successor to the defunct East Africa Institution of Engineers (EAIE), which had started in 1945 .

    The objectives and purposes of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers are to promote the general advancement of the science and practice of engineering and its applications, and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on those subjects amongst the members of the Institution.

    Latest News

    List of Applicants considered by the 472nd Council Meeting on 09th April, 2019 under the Various Categories
    Friday, 12th April 2019

    List of Applicants considered by the 472nd Council Meeting on 09th April, 2019 under the Various Categories.

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    Friday, 18th January 2019

    The Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE) in collaboration with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB)and the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) jointly announce the Engineers Registration Enhancement program 2019 whose objective is to prepare engineers to register with ERB with minimal referrals and delays while upholding quality of candidates’ submissions.

    The programme is organized to give opportunity to Graduate engineers who have acquired engineering practice of 4years and more after graduation get registered with the Engineers Registration Board in fulfillment of the legal requirement for practicing in Uganda.

    Applications are invited from  interested candidates who are required to accompany their applications with their career and technical reports and evidence of payment of a requisite fee UGX. 1,200,000 to UIPE Secretariat by 06th MAY 2019. Applicants from academia and research must provide proof of teaching and research papers published as per research application guidelines found on Express interest by sending mail to or

    Friday, 4th January 2019
    This news letter summarizes key association activities, achievements and up coming events in 2019.

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    Assesment Guidelines

    These Guidelines are a revised version of the previous ones that have been used in assessment of applicants wishing to become Members of the Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE). The Guidelines provide a common standard framework for assessment of applications for Corporate, Technologist and Technician Member. The assessment of applicants is to be carried out in three parts namely: Review of the Technical Report, Evaluation of Presentation of the Report, and Conducting an Essay Writing.

    The shortfalls in the previous guidelines of different Assessors forming different opinions of applicants to the detriment of the assessment process and disadvantage of