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Friday, 18th January 2019

The Uganda Institution of ProfessionalEngineers (UIPE) in collaboration with the Engineers Registration Board (ERB)and the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) jointly announce the EngineersRegistration Enhancement program 2019 whose objective is to prepare engineersto register with ERB with minimal referrals and delays while upholding qualityof candidatesí submissions.

The programme is organized to giveopportunity to Graduate engineers who have acquired engineering practice of 4years and more after graduation get registered with the Engineers RegistrationBoard in fulfilment of the legal requirement for practicing in Uganda.

Applications are invited from  interested candidates who are required toaccompany their applications with their career and technical reports and evidenceof payment of a requisite fee UGX. 1,200,000to UIPE Secretariat by 06th MAY 2019. Applicants from academia and research must provide proof of teachingand research papers published as per research application guidelines found

Eligible candidates for the programme areholders of University degrees in any  engineering disciplines from a University orInstitution recognized by the NCHE with a minimum experience of four years inservice. Female engineers are encouraged to apply.

The Engineers Registration EnhancementProgram 2019 has been structured such that all applications submitted by theset deadline will be vetted by the Membership Education and Training Committee ofUIPE and thereafter assessed for compliance. Those applicants who willsuccessfully get through the assessment stage will be shortlisted forinterviews.  The evaluation andassessment process will be concluded within a period of about one month aftersubmission of reports.

All applicants will then be invited for a 3-daysí workshop at a date and venue to be communicated. Successful candidateswill undergo interviews at the workshop while those with corrections orcomments to attend to will then be taken through career and technical reportwriting and also attached to mentors for guidance.

All candidates who will successfully passthe interviews at the workshop will then be recommended for Corporate Membershipof UIPE and Registration with the Engineers Registration Board. Theunsuccessful candidates will be re-subjected to further mentoring and supportto enable them successfully complete the programme leading to theirregistration with the Board.

The registration Fee of UGX 1,200,000 is to cater for costs ofthe workshop and all assessment processes leading to UIPE Corporate Membershipand recommendation for registration by ERB.

Employersare hereby encouraged to support their employees that qualify for enrolment forthis program, by sponsoring them.


Details about this programme includingregistration may be obtained from the UIPESecretariat at Management SupportUnit Building, Public Works Training Centre, Plot 2 Gloucester Avenue Kyambogoand from  For further information contact

With only a total of 846 registeredEngineers as compared to the thousands who practice illegally we call upon alleligible engineers to participate. The Engineers Registration Act Cap 271provides that engineers licensed to practice in Uganda must be members of UIPEand must be registered with ERB.