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Wednesday, 9th September 2020

As we may have informed you earlier , voting for the next UIPE Presidentis online. With that please visit to cast your vote.Only eligible members,fully paid up will be able to vote.Below are the instructions/guidelines to ease the process.1. Open the shared link.( The poll details are displayed (UIPE Presidential Elections)3. Click Request voting code.4. Enter your membership ID(Number) as PE/...,GM/...,ATM/...,OTM/...5. A list of phone numbers/number will show up, choose a number where theVoting Code should be sent.6. Type out the number in full and click submit7. Click Go to Poll8. Enter Voting Code sent via SMS9. List of candidates will appear.10.Choose one candidate and cast your vote.NOTE:1. At the moment the airtel network is still facing a challenge withreceiving a voting code, however if you have two phone numbers both werecaptured in the system so when you select number please select preferablythe MTN number. But if you only provided the airtel number and you face achallenge with receiving the voting code, please send in your mtn numberand be edited.(The problem is still being worked, please bear with us.)2. Any other challenge faced , dont hesitate to get back on this email orcall 256414287292, 0704133250