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Objectives of UIPE

  1. To hold meetings of the Institution for reading and discussing communications bearing upon engineering or the application thereof, or upon subjects relating thereto.
  2. To co-operate with Universities, other educational institutions and public educational authorities for the furtherance of education and training in engineering science and practice.
  3. To initiate research programmes and to co-operate with Government, private research Institutions and private individuals in promoting research into engineering science and technology.
  4. To print, publish, sell, lend or distribute the proceedings or reports of the Institution or any papers, communications, works or treaties on engineering or its application or subjects connected therewith.
  5. To do all other things, which the Council of the Institution may think proper, including advising Government, Public Bodies and other organisations or individuals on matters concerning engineering.
  6. To do all other things incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


To be the leading professional organisation in the region advocating for the best standards of engineering practice


for sustainable development and the betterment of mankind.


 The mission of UIPE is to promote higher engineering standards and the development and integration of engineering science and practiceinto public policy in Uganda.



Accountability to Membership

 The source of strength of the engineering profession is its membership, providing corporate intelligence anddetermining individually and severally, the reputation and vitality of the Institution. Thus continued membership to UIPEmust ensure the individual's professional growthin the development and implementation of 'The Engineering Solution'. The Institution must promote and encourage innovativeness, creativity andpositive risk-taking among its members. The Institution must be relevant to its membership and high standards of transparency and accountabilitymust be exercised at all times.


Responsibility to the Public

 Services andproducts supplied to the public,be it in academics, research, consultancy, factories, construction sites or in politics, are the defining measure of our professionalism and must at all times be above reproach. Engineering practicein Uganda must be responsive to public interests and concerns. Members of the institution must exercise fairness and equity in professional judgment.


Professional Ethics

 Members professional and social conduct must be guidedbyethical codes bothwritten andunwritten demanding the Institution to be astrictly self-regulating organ. Members must exhibit the highest standards of professionalismwith impeccable ethics and integrity.