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Student Members

Joining UIPE as a Student Member


The following requirements apply for the applicant:

  1. Complete an application form
  2. Must attach his/her passport photograph
  3. The form must be signed by the Dean
  4. Submit the filled form at the Secretariat with 20,000/=
  5. Attach a photocopy of the receipt received at time of purchase of application form


After submission of documents to UIPE Secretariat, the application process proceeds as follows:-

  1. The MET Committee reviews the application and recommends the successful applicant to the Council
  2. The Council confirms the election.
  3. The name of the newly elected member is circulated to the entire membership for comments, for a period of 30 days. If UIPE receives no objection, the applicant then receives his letter of election at the expiry of 30 days.

    Then this member will have access to all services offered by the Institution, as we shall communicate to you later.

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